Sony PSP CFW 6.61 on PSP-1000 and PSP-3000

I stumbled onto a PSP-1000 (Phat) and PSP-3000 (Brite) to tinker with. When the owner had last looked at these the Official Firmware (OFW) was up … Continue reading

Sega Saturn Power Supply Swap Hints and Tips

Here’s a few of the potential pitfalls to watch out for when swapping power supplies between your Sega Saturns. In this video we are looking at … Continue reading

Denon DCD-F101 Eject Mechanism Repair

This one sure was a doozy, I lost most of the footage and just ended up with what you see in the above video. At least the darned thing … Continue reading

GameCube Laser Power Calibration – Xeno GC Install

Xeno GC, this bad boy had been sitting around for a long time! The installation isn’t actually that bad. I’ll eventually do a video of … Continue reading

Sega TeraDrive 240V PSU Upgrade

Previously, way back in August 2016, I posted about having power supply problems on my Sega TeraDrives.

I had considered falling back onto a PSU replacement if … Continue reading