27C1024 EPROM Dumping with the MiniPro TL866


Ah yes, the ways of the 16-bit chip. Here we dump a Mega-CD BIOS several times to ensure we aren’t getting any errors. It’s also a good … Continue reading

Lunchbeat / PICkit 2 – Resistor Upgrade (Part 9)


We finally reach the end of the Lunchbeat saga at last! All we do is bump those resistors from 470ohm to 10,000ohm because I picked out … Continue reading

Lunchbeat / PICkit 2 – Sound Demo Ext. Clock (Part 8)


This was the final AVRDUDE flash of the Lunchbeat by Buranelectrix, we also reminisce on how good SuperNick was at holding down buttons while … Continue reading

Lunchbeat / PICkit 2 – Sound Demo Int. Clock (Part 7)


In this video we give the Lunchbeat a chance to play some phat tunes. Something isn’t quite right though… if you guessed that it … Continue reading