Denon DCD-F101 Eject Mechanism Repair

This one sure was a doozy, I lost most of the footage and just ended up with what you see in the above video. At least the darned thing … Continue reading

Sega Dreamcast Dev Kit Software Overview

We check the HKT-0120 dev kit and HKT-0400 GD writer using DA-Check v2.32 and then play around with GDWorkshop 2.9.0K running firmware 2.9.1b. The game that … Continue reading

Nintendo Game Boy Vertical Line Repair

Finally, a repair where nothing caught fire. I was surprised when simply applying a lightly heated soldering iron fixed the problem and appeased the pixel gods! The gods … Continue reading

Sony PVM-9044QM Overview and Minor Repair (Part 3)

Always ground your ground, that’s the lesson learnt here! Nice and simple. That picture looks amazing. Here’s to the next 20 years of that screen working … Continue reading

Sony PVM-9044QM Overview and Minor Repair (Part 2)

In this video, we look at hooking up a Mega Drive 2 to the Sony PVM-9044QM via RGB. It looks fantastic, but don’t take my word … Continue reading

Sony PVM-9044QM Overview and Minor Repair (Part 1)

Today we have a peek inside a marvel from the mid-90s, a Sony PVM monitor. These are great for broadcasting if you happen to be a … Continue reading

Nintendo 64 Cartridge Slot Cleaning

Cartridge slot cleaning is one of my favourite adventures to embark on. This applies to many other consoles that are cartridge based. Just be sure to not get any … Continue reading

Sony PlayStation 1 PSU Cracked Solder Joint Repair

Nobody likes a gaming console that can’t game. The Sony PlayStation 1, Sega Mega Drive 2, Sega Saturn, Microsoft Xbox and more all have recurring issues … Continue reading