Retrobright vs. Banksia Modem

Lots of people I know like retrobright. I’ve never really liked it, seems too much hassle for too little return. Above is a before shot of the modem. Note at this stage the modem had some extensive accidental damage to the PCB – risk of losing this case was a non-issue.

You can see more before and after shots in the photo gallery under the Banksia Wave SP56 modem serial 13412650. Pendleton115 was kind enough to give it a shot with this method-


Hydrogen peroxide and up

Hmmm, that looks like an iOS-style typo or unwanted autocorrect. Probably should read UV. The results will vary depending on a few factors, concentration of hydrogen peroxide, UV exposure time, etc. It definitely lightened up the plastics. It also had a negative effect on the coloured text, which to be fair, we were expecting to happen.

So is it a case of retrobright or retroblight? I’ve always found it better to try and collect either black or metal-based retro gear where possible.

It’s one of the reasons my earlier collecting did not focus on Nintendo with their easy-to-yellow Super Nintendo. Sega did well with the Master System, Mega Drive and Saturn. Dreamcast… well you could swap the white/yellowing case for a nice translucent smokey grey.

Thanks again to Pendleton115 for performing the retrobrighting over several days! 🦌

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