Docker, GeoCities Search, and RetroChallenge 2022/10 Results

Where to start with the last few days. Why not here! The RetroChallenge 2022/10 results are in. Looks like I nabbed the Grand Prize. Not too bad.

SuperNick also got a place, congratulations! SuperNick won the Australian Computer Museum Society (ACMS) grand prize last year.

That poor pumpkin Mac just can’t catch a break.

I honestly believe it deserved a place. I suppose as the grand prize winner, I can relinquish my title and hand it to the true winner – Pendleton115. Why? Pumpkin Mac has more merch of course!

On the topic of RetroChallenge 2022/10, where we looked to bend the GeoCities archive to our needs. I have been coincidentally trying to cook up the following. Solr + Nutch + Blacklight in a Docker instance.

So far, from what I understand- Solr is the database. Nutch is the indexer. Project Blacklight will be the search box frontend exposed to the web. This will allow full-text searching of the GeoCities Archive. And Docker? Well I’ve wanted to make GeoCities even more portable for a long while and now I’ve started making inroads.

Above is a crippled Blacklight. Not quite functional yet. Search doesn’t work and I lost the formatting… wait, was PHP even installed? Maybe that’s it! This is why it is good to think out loud. 😆

Regardless, dockerising it has been proving a bit tricky, but fun. I am definitely making progress though. Do I have a Dockerfile? Why yes, I do have a Dockerfile. As far back as 2019 I have dreamed of making a Dockerfile. I’ve now made one and can confirm it is magical. It’s quite hacky of course, but that’s generally the way I roll. 😎

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