Console Collection Overview | August 2016

A little overview of where my console collection is at as of August 2016. I’m currently on a mission to downsize the collection to one … Continue reading

Upcoming Microsoft Xbox Softmod / TSOP Mod

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Microsoft Xbox DVD-ROM Repair Serial 206315452705

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Microsoft Xbox DVD-ROM Fix for Toshiba / Samsung Model SDG-605

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Xbox 360 RROD Repair Attempt Serial 072261382807

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Microsoft Xbox 360 – Initial Assessment RROD

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Burnout Revenge – One Not So Hot Lap

A silver medal is almost as good as gold. Never take the shortcuts, they are a LIE! Just like cake was. Unless I … Continue reading

Burnout 3 Failing to Load on TSOP Softmodded XBOX

For whatever reason Burnout 3 hangs and refuses to load. I’ve tried toggling all the settings in UnleashX with … Continue reading