27C1024 EPROM Dumping with the MiniPro TL866


Ah yes, the ways of the 16-bit chip. Here we dump a Mega-CD BIOS several times to ensure we aren’t getting any errors. It’s also a good … Continue reading

Sony PlayStation 1 PSU Cracked Solder Joint Repair


Nobody likes a gaming console that can’t game. The Sony PlayStation 1, Sega Mega Drive 2, Sega Saturn, Microsoft Xbox and more all have recurring issues … Continue reading

GameCube Laser Power Calibration – Xeno GC Install


Xeno GC, this bad boy had been sitting around for a long time! The installation isn’t actually that bad. I’ll eventually do a video of … Continue reading

Super Famicom (NTSC-J) and Super Nintendo (PAL) Barrel Size


Using the power of digital callipers and third party power supplies… too bad I didn’t have a first party power supply on hand. That’s probably why … Continue reading

Sega TeraDrive 240V PSU Upgrade


Previously, way back in August 2016, I posted about having power supply problems on my Sega TeraDrives.

I had considered falling back onto a PSU replacement if … Continue reading