Sony PSP CFW 6.61 on PSP-1000 and PSP-3000

I stumbled onto a PSP-1000 (Phat) and PSP-3000 (Brite) to tinker with. When the owner had last looked at these the Official Firmware (OFW) was up … Continue reading

Cybdyn Systems PSIO Unboxing Video (August 2016)

Today we a take a peek at the PSIO and the way it is packaged, what is on the packaging and the packaging itself. Yes, you got … Continue reading

Sony PVM-9044QM Overview and Minor Repair (Part 3)

Always ground your ground, that’s the lesson learnt here! Nice and simple. That picture looks amazing. Here’s to the next 20 years of that screen working … Continue reading

Sony PVM-9044QM Overview and Minor Repair (Part 2)

In this video, we look at hooking up a Mega Drive 2 to the Sony PVM-9044QM via RGB. It looks fantastic, but don’t take my word … Continue reading

Sony PVM-9044QM Overview and Minor Repair (Part 1)

Today we have a peek inside a marvel from the mid-90s, a Sony PVM monitor. These are great for broadcasting if you happen to be a … Continue reading

Sony PlayStation 1 PSU Cracked Solder Joint Repair

Nobody likes a gaming console that can’t game. The Sony PlayStation 1, Sega Mega Drive 2, Sega Saturn, Microsoft Xbox and more all have recurring issues … Continue reading

Sony Trinitron PVM 1442QM Troubles

Here’s a quick overview of the Sony Trinitron PVM 1442QM I picked up a while back on eBay, from the UK of all places. It made it across mostly intact, … Continue reading

Console Collection Overview | August 2016

A little overview of where my console collection is at as of August 2016. I’m currently on a mission to downsize the collection to one console from each generation, … Continue reading