Cyberpunk 2077 (2020) Live Stream (PS4) – Day 1

I don’t know there’s just something that seems boring about Cyberpunk 2077. I’ll have a proper sit down with it over the weekend and give it a fair go but what a surprise at the start! Getting tricked? How did I not see that coming? This game makes Fallout 76 look engaging.

Be sure to check around 11 minutes on the second video where a body glitches into a random object (a solid object, mind you) and then has a hovergun that I just missed collecting – so close! This is at patch 1.06 currently. I’m scared to delete the game from my PS4, take it offline and try playing the unpatched game as raw v1.00… shudders

When December 2021 rocks around, the game might be much better or the PS5 might be out and about locally. Then again, the fans on my poor PS4 slim… yikes! I might yet fall in love with this game! Let’s be honest, I enjoyed the glitches in Fallout 4! ???

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