The GeoCities Archive Rebuild Blog

I’ve been working on dialling up on a MiSTer since April 2021. In the longer term I knew I would need websites that were small enough to browser over an old web browser. Enter GeoCities. Deleted by Yahoo in 2009, Archive Team saved a fair chunk of it. It’s not all there but it’s better than the absolutely nothing Yahoo has on offer.

As it happened RetroChallenge 2021/10 was running, so in the 11th hour I threw my hat into the (web)ring. For the past several weeks I’ve been keeping a blog of my progress on the newly launched Australian Computer Museum Society (ACMS) forum.

This has made things progress a lot faster than expected. I hadn’t planned on starting this part of the project until next year. Yet here we are. Now I can browse the old internet through real modems connected to a MiSTer running Windows 98.

You can check out the 56k friendly GeoCities at There’s still a lot of work going on in the backend. Expect trouble! 🎃

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