Nintendo Game Boy Vertical Line Repair

Finally, a repair where nothing caught fire. I was surprised when simply applying a lightly heated soldering iron fixed the problem and appeased the … Continue reading

Nintendo 64 Cartridge Slot Cleaning

Cartridge slot cleaning is one of my favourite adventures to embark on. This applies to many other consoles that are cartridge based. Just be sure … Continue reading

GameCube Laser Power Calibration – Xeno GC Install

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Super Famicom (NTSC-J) and Super Nintendo (PAL) Barrel Size

Using the power of digital callipers and third party power supplies… too bad I didn’t have a first party power supply on … Continue reading

Super Nintendo – Replacing C59 on the SNSP-CPU-01

In this video we replace C59 on the PAL SNES mainboard SNSP-CPU-01. The only noticeable difference between the SNSP-CPU-01 and SNSP-CPU-02 is that … Continue reading

Super Famicom and the Green Line of Doom

Ever wondered what that green line is? Not everyone has it, just a few of us. This video goes on and on … Continue reading