Denon DCD-F101 Eject Mechanism Repair

This one sure was a doozy, I lost most of the footage and just ended up with what you see in the above video. At least the darned thing works. Not that I personally use CDs or DVDs for that matter. I don’t see the attraction. For CDs, my hearing can’t pickup anything above 14-16kHz so a lot of it is just dead sound. The joys of ageing. Soon I won’t have to listen to punk kids on my lawn telling me to put some pants on.

Honestly though, I do enjoy making videos like this. Low on content, timing off, mistakes poorly corrected, etc. It really shows the impressiveness of my ability to wing it if needed. Needless to say, I do not wing it very often or almost all my everything would be like the video above… Up in the next video we have some Sega Saturn hints and tips when swapping the power supplies between units.

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