A Garden of My Own

It’s been almost a month since I last posted about the garden. I guess we’re due for a bit of a dive into what I would populate my garden with if I had a garden I owned, not rented.

Let me be clear, there would be no buffalo grass. Weeds would probably roam free and it would be glorious. At that point are they even weeds?

But to help native creatures a little I’d probably install some sort of ground cover like spider flowers, Grevilleas.

So there’d be a bunch of native ground cover in the form of Grevillea juniperina. Handsome looking devils, aren’t they?

I guess I’d probably hit up the local hardware store and buy a bunch of bee hotels since my property was likely cleared by the previous owners.

I have no idea where to find untreated wood so these would absolutely tide me, and the bees, over for a while.

Blue-banded bees. We need purple and blue to bring them in. Let’s load up with lavender. It will grow above the ground cover quite well and flowers most of the year… I think.

I mean we probably have a native variety. Maybe I should just get some native daisies from Brachyscome spp.

I guess there’s a fair bit, really not sure what I’d go for.

Which brings us back around to grevilleas.

I mean it doesn’t really but here they are.

So many types, I’d definitely want a prostrate type – meaning ground cover.

But most of them are spiky…

I would not want to fall into a grevillea bush.

Or even a stand of grevillea! I guess I’d also like bottlebrush-type trees. Maybe some Viola hederacea or similar in the shaded areas.

Weeping grass, Microlaena stipoides, would be high up on my list for a lawn replacement. The above is definitely not weeping grass.

Creeping Boobialla, Myoporum parvifolium is hardy so might make the list if the grevillea doesn’t outcompete it.

I guess it’s all just a pipe dream though. Who knows if we’ll get another year on the lease. The uncertainty of housing is one of the most depressing things I get to think about.

Maybe I’ll just live in some broken ceramic pots – a potential lizard lounge maybe? This little lizard, a bar-sided skink (Concinnia tenuis), has no trouble hunting bugs in the carrot planter! 🥰

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