Super Nintendo 1CHIP with No Sound – Part 3 Bypassing S-MIX Chip

You know what? Just forget it S-MIX, you’re out of the equation now! Sure something might catch fire or burn out at a later date, that’s a problem for future Shane. He’ll have better diagnostic and troubleshooting skills… right? I mean he will be from the future! Then again maybe not…

We’re fast approaching the end of 2020 and what a year it has been! I’ve managed to offload most (pretty much all) of my development hardware just in time to head back to university and try to finish off this degree while working two jobs! Well, it feels like two jobs. Alright, maybe it’s actually no jobs or two jobs and no jobs averaged out. Should be interesting to see how studying and working go together.

A couple more videos and then we’ll welcome the new year with some fresh car repair videos I found on my hard drive while tidying up. Have you ever replaced a handbrake in a Holden Commodore VY Series II (2004)? What about messing around with the fan systems? I didn’t think so! So stay tuned… because it really is… something… ?

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