Microsoft Xbox OG Kasumi Blue TSOP Preparation

Oh my lovely Kasumi Blue, we have long since parted ways but fond memories still remain to this day. In this video we have a peek inside a Kasumi Blue limited edition Xbox OG. These were quite late in the release cycle yet as you might notice, is much older internally than expected! We also swap the power supply over to a 240V for ease of use in Australia because I despise using step-up/down transformers.

In other news, not much else is happening. I’m still mulling over whether to bother with university again or whether I just fold and give in. I figure I might as well try transferring away from my old uni to a new local one at least. If they reject the application and my five first preferences fail, it’s game over I think.

That said, if I do manage to transfer down here with a bit of luck I’ll have some recognition of prior learning (RPL). This should make me have to do less of the same courses again. Naturally though, you don’t get to know how much credit you’ll get between courses until after you’ve accepted the offer at a particular institution. Oh well, time will tell!

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