Sony PlayStation 1 Modchip Installation Failure on SCPH-9002

Oh geez! Another video of a guide I was attempting to do only to have many things go wrong and write it … Continue reading

SNES Spray Painting – When Retrobright isn’t an Option (Part 1)

Well, the case was as brittle as could be, even when cleaning this one with soap and water I had … Continue reading

Removing a Super Nintendo / Super NES / SNES Cartridge Battery

Very quick and easy… normally. Nothing went right in this video and I got burnt a few times… It just goes to show not … Continue reading

Demonstration of 27C801 EPROM Cart in the Super Nintendo

This was a quick video to support the previous video on AM29F032 TSOP40 flashing but got cut as I forgot about … Continue reading

GQ-4X Flashing EarthBound onto a TSOP40 an AM29F032B EEPROM

A quick video of the actual flashing process, creating the chips and adapters can be seen in the other video on … Continue reading

Cleaning Game Cartridge Slots with Isopropyl Alcohol and a Card

Be sure to check for fluff and dust in the slot as well, it’s amazing what can amass after 20 years! Will … Continue reading

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