Super Nintendo SuperCIC and Recapacitorization

Recapacitorisation is the future of the end of all technology, as we fall deeper into the world of multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), I like to think we lose a little part of our hearts. It’s probably for the better, those hearts were getting old anyway! ❤️

This is the second last video I have queued up from… well I’ll be December 2019… which was from footage. Wow! from way back in 2016! University sure kept me busy. Things are always changing though. I know I’ve got a few more videos bouncing around on my hard drive here that I’ll get around to editing in the new year. ?

In other news, health-related I guess – everyone loves to hear about that! I’ve been living on a mostly pescatarian diet with salmon as the ultimate meal each day. I’ve since moved away from salmon and am trialling a vegan diet. Tell the past-me of 10 years ago that I’d be doing this and I’d probably laugh while eating a bucket of chicken nuggets. These days I’ve got Quorn fungus nuggets (or whatever they are called), they aren’t chicken but they are incredible with mock mayo.

While I don’t object to anyone else eating meat, I do understand it’s a choice the individual must make. For me, after weighing up the pros and cons, the jump from pescatarian to vegan isn’t too much of a step. I didn’t really like cheese or egg that much to begin with, it’s the little things like gelatine in my multivitamins or egg binder in my otherwise shroomy schnitzel that require careful consideration.

The biggest influences on this change have been, my good friend Rennay, having large fish and parrots as pets. The option for “free-range” oven cooked chicken tenders at my local supermarket. implying that the $4 packet of foam-like textured, bubbly salt and vinegar tenders had a garbage quality of life for the short time they were forced to exist. It’s just not worth the potential harm to other life when fake meat is readily available. Gotta love that pea and soy protein! My mindset and diet has changed for the better. Also I can cook a mean boiled broccoli dinner now!

I’ve also got my weight goal of 65kg in my sights. Currently sitting at a svelte 67kg we’re definitely on our way! That’s down from 104kg in January 2020. Last time I was at 67kg was back in early 2017… a loooong time ago!

I should do a video on blood donating in Australia, it’s interesting that half of our blood plasma comes from overseas. The Red Cross Blood Service has a monopoly on our blood supply, which can be seen as a good thing but also a bad thing. I’ve just given my 25th donation today! So much to write and video blog about! Till next video, McRetro out! ✅

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