Sega TeraDrive Model 3 Power Supply Failure


Oh dear! My Sega TeraDrive (Model 3) power supply gave out today. It’s probably been dead for a while but I just never noticed since it was sitting on a shelf looking tidy. The model 2 still works well though so I did some module swapping and minimal configurations (Aren’t I just an amazingly good technician?), turns out the power supply was causing the rear speaker to buzz, oh and not show any display or post or anything like that. But the buzz was noticeable from the instant it was powered up.

So in the future weeks I’ll be pulling apart the power supply and probably doing more YouTube videos to let everyone see how the old trial and error goes working with AC power… never a good mix. Stay safe and leave AC alone! It’s always important to be ever so careful around these things as they can kill you. I’ve taken a few zaps and lived to tell the tale. You might not be so lucky!

Anyway, here are some useful links to helpful software:
Amstrad Mega PC dd image
HDD Raw Copy Tool for an easy way to duplicate CF cards for the XTIDE or XT-CF-Lite ISA cards.
– XTIDE ide_xt r588 that has been compiled to play nice with CF cards, show the attractive boot menu and… well works on TeraDrives and Amstrad Mega PCs. Probably works on a lot more. Good for the XT-CF-Lite 4.1 card.

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