ZeroNet, BitTorrent and Another Darknet


Just a few days ago I managed to get WordPress to play nice with my darknet (Tor) website, meaning is now mirrored 100% to the mcretro35qepy5cy.onion address. Magnificent! That got me thinking though, what other darknets could I get my website onto? Well as the image above might hint at – .bit addresses courtesy of Namecoin.

It has taken over a whole day to just to download the blockchain, which is only a fraction the size of the Bitcoin blockchain, but it is nearing completion. I’ve converted a few of my Dogecoins, several thousand actually, into Namecoin and Namecoin allows for the purchase of a .bit domain name through the Namecoin wallet. Genius!

How did I come across this? ZeroNet is how. ZeroNet looks quite interesting and I’m sure it will be a little bit of a challenge to get running but should be amazing once it is! Essentially it is “P2P websites using Bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent network”. Amazing! Plus you can also slap Tor into the mix to make it a little more anonymous or should I say pseudoanonymous.

Of course I’ll have to work out how to slap all of this onto a Raspberry Pi 2, along with my current setup. At any rate it is certainly a challenge and I look forward to winning the prize.

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