Sega Saturn External PSU – Proof of Concept

Success! It sure does taste sweet. Finally a proof of concept to show that Saturns can be powered by external power supply bricks. This is very good news as it paves the way for me to spend some cash and invest in some DC-DC converters.

I’d need to start with either a 12v or 9v 4 or 3 amp power brick and use DC-DC converters to step-down the voltages to 9v, 5v and 3.3v. If you are missing one of those voltages your Saturn may go a little lopsided and not show any signs of life.

Now I can sleep at night not fearing that all my model 1 Saturns will die and never be resurrected. They all have the potential to live forever (or as long as their mainboards and CD decks choose to live for).

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