New Purchases Inbound

I’ve got four Sega Saturns from two owners coming – three functional, one broken. Broken in what way? Even the seller did not know, should be very interesting. Three of the ones coming are model 1 and one is a model 2. I already have two functional model 2 Saturns, I guess another cannot hurt though.

The model 1 Saturns seem to be a tad on the fail early side of things from what I have seen so far. It will be interesting to see what degree of functional the working Saturns are. As always I’ll bring updates as they come and arrive. It also comes with a bunch of games which is good.

Also on the topic of Sega Game Gears, I discovered a badly leaking capacitor near the LCD panel area – this is likely why there is no display showing on the darned thing. The capacitor kits are on order and due in the next week or so.

I also bought another Game Gear to steal the D-Pad out of as my current one has degraded and disintegrated! There will be one primary Game Gear and one backup / half working Game Gear. Also picked up some games since they were going cheap.

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