Shane McRetro’s Christmas Video 2021

The end of the year has arrived and I’m in isolation waiting for a work colleague to return a negative PCR test for COVID-19. The slowest PCR in the world. 78 hours and counting.

Looking back on the year, not a lot really happened for me. Everything was pretty much business as usual. I have a bunch of videos on modems that I’ll be publishing sometime in the new year. I just wish I had more time to myself, but the same income with more free time.

I’ve also updated the files server with some Sega TeraDrive files that were on the now defunct Google Drive. There’s more things there for me to sort out as well. Lots of things to do, but no time to do them. Still, I’ll keep chugging along for as long as I can! 🏄‍♂️

Anyway, a happy holidays to everyone out there! 🎄 May the new year be a great time for you! 🎉

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