NetComm AutoModem 2400 – CONNECT 2400

A very brief video of the NetComm AutoModem 2400, model AM1500 dialling out at 2400bps to my Acer AcerModem 56 Surf, model AME-MU00. I’ve found that the AcerModem can be a little picky and drops of a lot of packets with some modems when used server-side. The chipset is Motorola-based which was unusual for an external modem. At least here in Australia with Rockwell/Conexant running wild.

The NetComm AutoModem uses a Rockwell chip, the RC224ATF R6641-14 with date stamp of 9337. That’s mid-late 1993. The same year that modems reached 19.2 kbit/s with V.32 “terbo” with trellis modulation. Of course, not everyone can have top shelf hardware. Please enjoy this CONNECT 2400 video!

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