Avtek MegaPlus V.32bis – Carrier Detect

Success! The handshake completed and we have carrier detect active. I’m not quite sure what speed we’ve connected at, but we have connected and that is all that matters for the moment.

Avtek MegaPlus V.32bis Modem (Model CD950) is back online in the 2020s. We are going through the Linksys PAP2T although the SPA112 also seems to work fine. ✅

In other news, I’ve taken down geocities.mcretro.net. Overall, the seven month long test was a great success and it sure was fun to work on for RetroChallenge 2021/10.

My plan is to host these on my local network only and resolve them through my locally hosted DNS server. By doing this I can live stream browsing in Windows 95/98.

Related to that, I’ve taken down assembler.mcretro.net as I haven’t been able to have enough free time to look through the data and tidy it up any more. Thankfully we have assemblergames.org as an archive and obscuregamers.com as the spiritual successor.

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