Fever in 2022!

It was late Wednesday afternoon, I was at work. It was boring. Sniff, sniff. Allergies? Hopefully. Fast forward 24 hours. Fever! I was under attack by a foreign body. Temperature peaked at 39.5°C at which point I ruled out allergy as a reason and stayed home from work.

It’s around five days later now and I’m not needing to take paracetamol to keep my temperature down. COVID-19 rapid antigen tests keep returning a negative result. I guess, somehow, I missed getting that again. Coupled with no loss of smell and no breathing difficulties, I’d bet on flu… while in the middle of a pandemic no less.

It might be a couple more days until I’m less contagious and ready for work but at least I got to watch all three seasons of FLCL. Annnnnd maybe seven seasons of The Venture Bros. I guess there’s always a silver lining!

In other news I increased my web server storage to 64GB, up from 32GB, with a slight buff to read speeds. Whether that matters on a Raspberry Pi 4 is moot; I need that storage space! Thanks to this quick and easy guide for the lazy clone and filesystem resize.

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