Micomsoft XRGB-mini Framemeister Arrival

Received my XRGB-mini Framemeister today and had no cable to connect it… So I had to hack up some other random cable I had and… it worked, switched a bunch of pins around and it gave me lovely RGB video. I could not believe how clear the video was. I’ll do some more video later in the week. Below are some photos of the connector before changing around all the leads.

I’ve since purchased a cable that runs from the XRGB-mini through to EuroSCART. From there I’ll be able to use EuroSCART cables running from everything for RGB. I still need to find a suitable switcher to go between the sources. Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast. Although reports have it that the Dreamcast is better at VGA (480p) vs SCART (480i). I guess whether I care much for VGA will be decided in the future when I get the SCART cables for everything.

As a side note, I’ve fallen in love with SCART connectors. They are so easy to reconfigure and do so much more than our composite cables over here in Australia.

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