Fallout 4 [PS4] [Live Stream] [Day 8]


Join me in the wastelands, talking crap and building towns in… 720p! We had a chance to try high definition, took it and it … Continue reading

Fallout 4 [PS4] [Live Stream] [Day 5]


We clear the Corvega factory of raiders and get very, very over-encumbered. It’s all MINE! Sadly we are still stuck at 360p – the … Continue reading

Fallout 4 [PS4] [Live Stream] [Day 4]


Back on the old low definition (360p, sorry!) and we’re visiting Tenpines Bluff along with some fun commentary and deciding where to place those … Continue reading

Fallout 4 [PS4] [Live Stream] [Day 3]


We finally meet Preston Garvey, the leader of the Minutemen and also stumble upon an “FC” or Fusion Core, for you guessed it, … Continue reading

Lunchbeat / PICkit 2 – Resistor Upgrade (Part 9)


We finally reach the end of the Lunchbeat saga at last! All we do is bump those resistors from 470ohm to 10,000ohm because I picked out … Continue reading

Fallout 4 [PS4] [Live Stream] [Day 2]


More live streamness thanks to the folks at Sony, YouTube, and Fallout. You guys are the real heroes! Not much else happened today, well … Continue reading