Sony PSP CFW 6.61 on PSP-1000 and PSP-3000

I stumbled onto a PSP-1000 (Phat) and PSP-3000 (Brite) to tinker with. When the owner had last looked at these the Official Firmware (OFW) was up … Continue reading

Sega Saturn Power Supply Swap Hints and Tips

Here’s a few of the potential pitfalls to watch out for when swapping power supplies between your Sega Saturns. In this video we are looking at … Continue reading

Denon DCD-F101 Eject Mechanism Repair

This one sure was a doozy, I lost most of the footage and just ended up with what you see in the above video. At least the darned thing … Continue reading

27C1024 EPROM Dumping with the MiniPro TL866

Ah yes, the ways of the 16-bit chip. Here we dump a Mega-CD BIOS several times to ensure we aren’t getting any errors. It’s also a good … Continue reading

The Two Sides of Every Unboxing Video Ever

The first side is as vanilla and ordinary as you would imagine an unboxing video to be. The controller in the box is extracted through the process one would … Continue reading

Sega Dreamcast Dev Kit Software Overview

We check the HKT-0120 dev kit and HKT-0400 GD writer using DA-Check v2.32 and then play around with GDWorkshop 2.9.0K running firmware 2.9.1b. The game that … Continue reading