Sega TeraDrive Puzzle Construction

To kick things off here is a video of my faulty WDI-325Q. Listen to it grind! I’ll need to be sending that back to the place I bought it from, not much use to me in that state!

Next up we have the mysterious Puzzle Construction software. This seems to have interaction with the Mega Drive side of the TeraDrive. The sound and video effects seem pretty advanced for a 286-class machine. In all honesty though I am not sure. There was the licensed by Sega screen just before loading the Puzzle Construction software. Did they embed that in the software? Pretty cool either way.

This last video is showing the Background Music Edit Panel. There are others for layout, rules, etc as well. This was the main one that I found to be enjoyable as there is lots of music to pick from including my personal favourite, Game 1.

All this work was done on my Model 3 TeraDrive although I did start tinkering with Puzzle Construction on my Model 2 with an IBM WDL-330P just sitting on top of the power supply. As soon as it was packed away I dug out the Model 3. It sure was a weekend to remember.

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