Sega TeraDrive Model 2 and Model 3

That’s right it is video time, starting off here is the TeraDrive Model 3 getting a hard drive up and running. Very happy with this.

And above is the TeraDrive Model 3 back together complete with working hard drive LED. I did find that the floppy drive rail / guide for the Model 2 has screw holes for the hard drives also. This means a hard drive can be installed into the Model 2 and likely Model 1 TeraDrives… Sure it will be a little ugly on the Model 2, Model 1 wouldn’t be so bad though – you’d just never see the LED!

Next we have some Promise EIDEMAX action where it detected a 40MB IDE drive with the onboard BIOS disabled. Yet I still could not get the thing to configure to show up as a hard drive. I suspect the issue is somewhere with the chip on the IBM motherboard conflicting. Although I did try every jumper setting I could think of switching IRQs and BIOS addresses. I did find that having it set as primary on any BIOS address with the IRQ set to 14 allowed it to initialise the drive and set it up as Drive C: , however it would hang somewhat, and not progress past that screen. Numlock was still responsive so I am at a bit of a loss. Even still it was a fun exercise and let me look into connecting an IDE drive into this beast.

And what day would be complete without some retro gaming! Too bad the little Sega TeraDrive couldn’t keep up!

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