Sega TeraDrive BIOS Dump

You can grab this dump from the File Server. It was dumped using DEBUG.COM – see the mess link in the references for how this was done.

If anyone can tell me more about this system by analysing the above BIOS dumps, it would be most appreciated. If the link above is dead, let me know and I’ll reupload them if you are interested. Just leave a comment below or contact me via the contact form.

While on the topic of TeraDrives, I found this interesting tidbit. In particular:
MEM : 6.5MB [2.5MB(SIMM)+4MB(ISA)]
ISAバスにはメモリ(I・O DATA-PIO-AX34F)を装着。

Now I don’t understand any Japanese. But that looks like the model of a RAM card to me that fits in an ISA slot – likely to be 4MB. That has got me interested… I have a RAM card at work, so I’ll need to get that to see if it can be addressed by the TeraDrives. A memory manager will be needed from what I have read (via Google translate) to access the additional memory. If it is anything the TeraDrives need, especially the Model 2 which has no hard drive, it would be RAM. Imagine being able to boot windows into your ISA card and have all that free memory to open applications.