Sega Saturn Sophia SIMM CART DIP Switch

A test of the DIP switch labelled SIMM CART (on SW2) located on the front of the Sega Saturn Sophia Programming Box. It switches (enables or disables) between the SIMM RAM and the cartridge slot. There appear to be some incompatibilities between the Sophia hardware and retail games as a result. Well, at least we know for sure now… Although I might pick up some retail RAM cartridges to be sure… I don’t trust “auto” Action Replay cartridges…

The King of Fighters ’96 [T-3108G] – 1MB Cart Only
(If a 4MB cart is detected the graphics will be garbled.)

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter [T-1227G] – 4MB Cart Only

Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! 2 [T-20114G] – 1MB RAM or 4MB RAM Cart

While RAM carts aren’t required for this game, they will apparently show a different title screen. This would be helpful for showing what the Sophia is loading, whether it be no RAM, 1MB or 4MB.

SIMM CART ON (down) = Ignores Cart Slot
SIMM CART OFF (up) = Boots to Cart Slot (Action Replay for Example)

More information can be found on ASSEMblergames .

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