Programming w/ Visual Studio Abandoned!


Oh! Looky! I made a visual basic program with some sort of windowed interface! What a feat! Pressing the button to hide will hide the background (Prairie Wind) and show will make it show! Plus change your name in the text box and it greets you, how human-like! However all is not well…


Jump ship everyone! Well it’s as the old age saying goes…

Help where you can, set fire to everything else!

And I’ve done exactly that, the fire part that is, with my newly found programming course abandoned for good reason. It overlaps my yet-to-start university course by almost a year. Promises of a May 2017 finish or even a late July 2017 finish are all but whispers in time. October 2017 would have been the end date, late October at that!

Unfortunate, but I’d rather not risk losing a course I’ve already invested so heavily in getting into. Too bad I can’t defer for a second year, I really do enjoy this time off to organise my life, not a day goes by where I am not busy. How did I have time for this while working full-time all those years?

Oh that’s right, I didn’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰