PICO Fuses by Littelfuse


There I was sitting at my workbench replacing a fuse on a Super Famicom when it occurred to me it had a 125V 1.5A fuse. 125V, but this is Australia! We have 250V fuses here! I did some reading on the internet and it appears to be possible to use a higher voltage, but not a lower amperage.

Always use a fuse with a VOLTAGE rating equal or greater than the circuit being fused, and an AMPERAGE rating equal to the design requirement. In other words, when it comes to fuse ratings, you can always use more volts but not more amps.

Anyway, as it turns out I can replace the Super Famicom 1.5A 125V fuses with 1.5A 250V fuses as 250V is the maximum voltage it will ever receive, unless I wire it into some three-phase electric power… which I am not about to do because apart from blowing everything up, I’d also have the advantage of having no idea how to achieve that.

Reminds me of the whole capacitor thing where you have to get same micro Faradness but can increase the voltage – not decrease! Maybe electronics just works like that, how would I know? I’m just the weekend staff! 😉

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