Programming Atmel Chips with PICkit 2 with AVRDUDE on a Mac

PICkit 2 is a piece of hardware developed by Microchip to flash their PIC chips. Atmel is essentially the rival of Microchip in this regard. The good news is, you can use a PICkit 2 to flash Atmel chips. Some believe this is the reason Microchip have stopped supporting PICkit 2, and they’re probably right.

That’s not to say the PICkit 2 doesn’t support a wide range of chips. After all, you wouldn’t want your open source hardware funding sales of your biggest competitor! We’ll go through the steps of compiling as well, which was fun for me having no idea what I was doing! 😅

What you will need to achieve this;
– PICkit 2 – I used this one from
PIC chip – I used a PIC12F508 – Great for checking the PICkit 2 is functioning
Atmel chip – I used an ATMEGA328P

…More to come when I find the time!

Update 2023: I’ll probably never find the time. However, it’s worth mentioning that this was all done for the Lunchbeat Project. More of that hot mess can be found in the Projects folder in the photo gallery. Enjoy! 🙃

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