Holden VY Commodore Car Repair: Chapter 2 – Vacuum Actuator

Never saw myself as much of a mechanic, but here I am replacing a vacuum actuator in a motor vehicle which helps with fan control. This is chapter two of a six chapter series on the Holden VY Series II. I tried a few things to get it working as best as possible. Some things I succeeded at, others I didn’t. Join me on this weird journey of retro car repair!

We found that the fan control was diverting to the windshield constantly when set to other modes. We suspected replacing one of the two actuators would be enough to get the vacuum enough suction when under load (>2000RPM), like when going up a hill. We picked up a “Commodore Vacuum Actuator Air Vent Control VT VX VY VZ Genuine Holden NEW” for $77 shipped.

Other things we could possibly have looked into, but didn’t, were:
– Check valve tube on the back of the manifold
– Vacuum tank, under the glove box
– Vacuum actuators, above glove box (maybe on driver’s side too?)
– Solenoid pack, also above glove box

Climate Control Under Acceleration
X symbol in the right hand side of climate control display panel

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