Holden VY Commodore Car Repair: Chapter 3 – Locating the Cabin Temperature Sensor

Amongst all the trinkets inside the car behind the steering wheel lies an ambient temperature sensor for the cabin. It is not very exciting but does serve a very good purpose. This video goes over where it is located.

Some background, we found that climate control would be warm when set to the coldest temperature (C), however, setting it to 24 degrees was actually hot, hot, hot. Every so often though, the air con would work perfectly. The most recent event we noticed a sensor malfunction (cross symbol “X”) in the corner of the climate control display and the air con was working perfectly. There’s several sensors that may be causing this issue. This is just one of them.

We picked up an “Interior Air Temp Temperature Sensor” which appears to be compatible with Holden VT, VX, VY, VZ, WH, WK and WL models. The VY climate control unit consists of these parts as far as I could find:
– Evaporator temp sensor,
– Condensor temp sensor,
– Cabin temp sensor,
– Low refrigerant,
– High engine temps,
– Sun sensor (changes fan ramp and LCD backlighting)

Climate Control Changing Temperature
Ambient Temperature Sensor Location
VY Series II (Calais) Climate Control Problem

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