Fuse Replacement on the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom


Here in the land of PAL we typically run on 250V so we want our fuses to suit. If you are in an NTSC-land you’ll probably want 125V pico fuses. Back in March 2012 I replaced a fuse in a Sega Mega CD and the good news is, they are still around. In fact these have just a slightly different amperage.

To replace the SNES or SFC fuse make sure your original fuse is dead first using a multimeter to check the continuity. Next step is to find a 1.5amp 250V fuse such as the “LITTELFUSE 026301.5WRT1L FUSE, PCB, 1.5A, 250V, VERY FAST ACTING” or the “LITTELFUSE 026301.5MXL FUSE, PCB, 1.5A, 250V, VERY FAST ACTING” both of these are available through Element 14 / Farnell for about AUD$3 plus shipping.

Product Range: PICO II Series
Fuse Current: 1.5A
Voltage Rating V AC: 250VAC
Blow Characteristic: Very Fast Acting
Fuse Case Style: Axial Leaded
Breaking Capacity Current AC: 50A

So there you have it, desolder your old fuse, replace it with the new fuse and you might be good to go, unless there’s a short further down the line that caused the fuse to blow in the first place. Replace those caps, you know you want to! 😉

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