Folding, Folding, Folding!

Today we say farewell to the ShaneMcRetro on Team Curecoin Folding@home account. We did well with 1,422 workunits folded counting up a massive 15,692,754 points! Farewell tears aside, we join Team dogefolders as a Dogecoin wallet address!

Why the change? Less wallets, that’s why! Plus DogecoinFah is donation-based relying on generosity of those who have been holding their doge.

The Curecoin wallet hasn’t worked for a few years on Mac OS. I live on Mac OS, making Curecoin incompatible with my way of life. The Dogecoin wallet has been magnificently maintained over the years on all three major platforms. Even better I was able to cash out my 67 cure for around 21 doge. Nice!

I also had 16-odd Gridcoins but they kinda got lost on a random exchange. I didn’t quite have enough to cover the fees to get them converted to another crypto and back into my wallet. I was quite late to the game for Gridcoin, so the return wasn’t spectacular. At least their wallet was functional on Mac OS.

None of the above recoups anything though. Thankfully we are not in this for the sweet, sweet cryptocurrency. No, we’re here to fold proteins and perhaps have a bit of fun on the side. For the fun part, doge just makes sense! Doge was voted Time’s such person of the year in 2014 after all.

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