Netcomm Roadster II 56 Ultra (AM5693) Serial Modem Unboxing and Disassembly

This is my favourite modem so far. Is it the breakneck speeds it can provide? Is it the blue translucent case? Is it the Conexant chipset? Maybe it’s all of the above!

In this video I have unbox an AM5693 and compare the internals to that of an AM5690. Some interesting comparisons can be made and some unexpected ones with the Banksia modems. All share similarities in the PCB model only differing in port orientation and board revisions. BT134 Rev B and the BT134 Rev F.

The Banksia Wave SP 56 (Model BD4064S Rev. 2) has a BT134 Rev F board which is the same board as the NetComm Roadster II Ultra 56K (Model AM5693). The Banksia Wave SP 56 Rev. 1 has a BT134 Rev B board and the NetComm Roadster II 56 Ultra SVD (Model AM5690) has a BT134 Rev B1 board.

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