Cybdyn Systems PSIO Unboxing Video (August 2016)

Today we a take a peek at the PSIO and the way it is packaged, what is on the packaging and the packaging itself. Yes, you got me. It’s a damn unboxing video. But to be fair, it is a PSIO unboxing making it infinitely cooler than just a regular unboxing video.

And wow, does this one take me back! Two years back… to when I was two years younger. I hadn’t even started my bachelor degree at university, yikes! I had just started isotretinoin (Roaccutane) to banish those annoying acne breakouts I’d been having on and off for the past 20 years of my life. I wish I had known that science had an answer earlier.

Certainly, there are a million horror stories, but would you really write a letter to the internet if it worked as advertised? I don’t complain about my toaster working well, but you can bet your bottom dollar it is kicking along toasting me up some acetyl tetrahydropyridine. Fun fact: My hair has also straightened back out from the curly hair side effect of isotretinoin. What a time to be alive! 😛

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