Building a Development PC

Quick, down memory lane! This one was a fun video to put together, slowly piecing an AMD Athlon K7 onto a brand new, old stock motherboard. All-in-all it went together quite well. This PC went on to be used for testing the Sega Dreamcast HKT-0120 dev kit. It worked a charm too. Then it got passed on to some kids who ended up setting it on fire… Good times?

At any rate I’m still powering through university, final exams for the semester are coming up in the next few weeks. I guess I’ll have to sift through all the study I should have been doing the past… hmmm… 12 or 13 weeks! I always say I’ll be a better student, but it never happens. Attendance just isn’t my thing. Rick and Morty might have nailed it.

This video is ancient. The Nokia 301, what a hunk of junk that turned out to be. Ended up selling it on for half of what I bought it for. I wonder if it’s still in use today? It was my last attempt to break away from the Apple ecosystem. I tried and I tried but everything integrates so nicely. Guess I’ll just keep on paying the Apple tax. *sigh*

Well, I better get back and lock down for the study period. Stay in school kids! Perhaps just stay enrolled, everything is recorded these days. We really do live in wondrous times! 😛

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