COVID-19 Vaccination – AstraZeneca Dose 1 – Follow Up

It looks like the delta variant is spreading around Sydney now. We’ve entered a pseudo-lockdown and I can see why. If the government closes all businesses, no one has any income. Federal-level support has dried up but we shouldn’t worry as they are working on something, soon. I hope they work it out because if they don’t – it will spread into every state and territory as people flee NSW.

Here is what happened to me after my first jab of AstraZeneca (alpha). I was curious to see how high my temperature would go without paracetamol – I was not disappointed, clocking in a serious fever of 40.9°C. Interestingly there was no headache until the day after, probably because my brain cooked overnight and forgot what pain was. However, I would recommend it, and will certainly be doing it again in 11 weeks!


2021-07-05	10:10	Injection!
2021-07-05	14:40	*Should* have had paracetamol here
2021-07-05	16:40	Shivering
2021-07-05	18:50	Paracetamol (1000mg)
2021-07-05	19:26	40.9°C
2021-07-05	20:40	Sweaty, temp dropping to 38-39.5°C

2021-07-06	00:47	Temperature hovering between 38-40°C
2021-07-06	02:58	Temperature hovering between 38-40°C
2021-07-06	04:14	Temperature hovering between 38-40°C
2021-07-06	04:46	Temperature hovering between 38-40°C
2021-07-06	05:20	Paracetamol (1000mg)
2021-07-06  	07:00	Woke up - Bed drenched with sweat
2021-07-06	08:20	Temperature back to < 38°C
2021-07-06	11:40	Paracetamol (1000mg)

Update 2021-08-02
Our governments are allowing us to halve our gap between AstraZeneca shots from 12 weeks to a mere 6 weeks! Past cool!

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