COVID-19 Vaccination – AstraZeneca Dose 1

Well, I’m on the way to having some vaccination powers. I now need my body to do the thing where it gives me some immunity. Then in just 12 short weeks and I can get my second dose. For me, AstraZeneca is my weapon of choice because I understand the risks involved. Low platelets due to something, something platelet factor 4 (PF4), like what occurs in heparin-induced thrombocytopenia. Looking at the data from the U.K., the risk/benefit ratio is good enough for me.

What annoys me the most is the politics of the damn thing. If I’d known I could get AstraZeneca, homegrown here in Australia, I would have much earlier. Instead, our federal government let it slip mid-last week in a press conference that it was always an option. Perhaps they should have been a little clearer on that – much earlier. With the delta strain upon us, the more folks that have some degree of immunity will lead us not needing to wear these masks all the time in the workplace – and probably prevent some deaths.

With natural immunity, you get around eight months of protection – i.e. if you caught the full-blown virus in the wild. We’re going to need booster shots or annual vaccinations just like the flu. Regardless, I’m looking forward to washing my hair tomorrow morning when my arm will probably hurt like hell; it can’t be worse than a tetanus booster shot, right? 😁

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