Cicadas in the Summertime

Oh, hello there! It seems I shelved this entire website and YouTube while studying for university. Was it all for nothing? My GPA of 6.5 says it was worth it. Can I keep it up? Probably not!

Now I’ve complained about the lack of internet speed here on a few occasions. We were supposed to get true high speed internet over a year ago. It’s since been delayed indefinitely thanks to politics. I hate politics so much.

Anyway, while waiting for a lab at uni I tried splicing together the above video on an iPad and happened upon my university wifi. The video uploaded in less than a minute. A short speedtest later and… 229Mbps down, 452Mbps up. That’s something like a 56 megabytes per second uplink. To put things into perspective my home internet connection can manage a massive 80 kilobytes a second – 700 times less. I couldn’t believe it uploaded 2GB in seconds instead of a whole day or so.

So the future is looking bright, maybe I will end up getting the 250-odd gigabytes of footage uploaded yet! Stay tuned! 🙂

Edit: Looks like this was the only post for 2017! Happy 2017 everyone! 🙂

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