Broken Links… Fixed! Every. Last. One.

I’m still alive and still kickin’!

Surprised? That’s right, I fixed all the broken links. All the images work now. All of them! Over 400 of the blighters! I think I’ve developed RSI in my face from staring at all the broken Google links! (Thanks for canning Picasa by the way Google…!)

I’ve finally finished all my university commitments just in time for a month and half of kickin’ back and relaxing, McRetro style! I’m clearing some hard drive space as we speak to bring over that 250GB of video footage I kept talking about… a year ago! Has that much time really passed?

Anyway, my GPA has dropped a little down from 6.5 to 5.9 for the first year – which I don’t think is all that bad given the courses they were throwing at me. Learn every bone in the body and also learn all the muscles that innervate them? Geez, what a waste of learning. I don’t remember much of it at all come to think of it.

With study aside and all the busted up image links restored to their former glory, it’s time to get this website and my YouTube channel back in order. At long last I’ve got decent internet with megabits of upload (as opposed to plenty of kilobits in the past…) so 1080p things no longer scare me. I might even get the FTP server working on the ASUS Tinkerboard.

That’s right, the Raspberry Pi 3 has been sidelined while I try out what ASUS has to offer. It’s fast alright. Very fast. This website feels like it works properly now – try running a search, the results are generated much quicker than in the old days. It’s magnificent! 😀

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