Blog Resurrection

The blog came back to life and was extinguished within a week or so. Dropplets just doesn’t do what I want it to. I’m sure if I messed about with the code enough it would have… Where does that leave this blog? FlatPress!

I’ll have some more on FlatPress and the plugins I’ve used to make the site functional. It’s been quite an experience from modifying python scripts to salsa dancing.

Not only have I switched blogging platforms yet again but after much tinkering I’ve managed to get the blog to a point where it is actually functional. The search on the sidebar even works. Doesn’t fare too badly on Netscape either.

Just remember this blog is running on a Raspberry Pi 2, probably moving back to the RPi Model A+ once I’m convinced I will be OK to delete my WordPress MySQL database. MySQL really is quite heavy on a Raspberry Pi, which is why I went for flat, database-free, blogging software.

I am looking forward to fixing up all the broken posts, you can see them under the (temporary) Imported category. Once cleaned up they are moved into correct categories and removed from the list of things to do. I’ll also need to import all my new YouTube videos. Oh, and work out how to get images into this blog editor!

What a busy time ahead! Stay tuned! 😉

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