Apple MacBook Pro Heat Gun Repair (Mid 2007 / Early 2008)

Here we have a video of me bringing a 17″ MacBook Pro back to life. While not a permanent fix, it breathes some life into this beautiful machine for anywhere between 3-12 months. To keep the machine running well (and for longer) it is suggested that some flux is added around the BGA chips. A good idea for anyone watching! The same method applies for the 15″ model of the same era.

Doing this repair may cause damage to nearby components, some recommend using several layers of foil to block the heat getting through to the mainboard. I couldn’t be bothered and as you can see it worked. I’ve since done this on a video card for a PC as well and it also came back to life. If you have any success please be sure to leave a comment below!

I’ll be attempting repair of a PlayStation 3 and an Xbox 360 in the coming months using the same procedure. I’ll factor in flux and possibly some foil to help prevent damage to surrounding components. Stay tuned! 😉

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