Trout is Salmon, Salmon is Life

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I know a lot of you enjoy reading this blog and I can’t help but blog utter rubbish. Today the topic is salmon, or rather trout and the similarities it shares with salmon. There’s been a lot of misinformation going around and I’d like to help stir that pot of chaos.


Salmon is just like trout shown above in its natural environment on a grassy knoll with its favourite fishing rod at fins reach. It’s called fishing for a reason. Just like humaning, or peopling.


Trout is just like salmon and can often be used in place of a rifle. While only 70% as effective as a rifle, it sure does look spectacular.


In a very real way though, trout is more mercury ridden than the rifle replacement salmon. That’s thanks to salmon being a terrible predatory creature. It gets eaten by trout, that’s how terrible it is. Eaten by a fish it could have shot. In fact, salmon has a median of 0.015ppm of mercury while trout has over 1.5x that amount at 0.025ppm.

Eat your salmon everyone, it’s the best fish out there and rich in nice healthy fats as well as being a close second to chicken in taste!

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