Sophia Systems Sega Saturn Programming Box

Above is just a brief video of the Sophia getting put back together. Well, I’m halfway. The mainboard is in but not the board with the RAM on it. Need to get that photographed and then put back in.

I’ve finally completed photographing the internals of my Sophia Systems SegaSaturn Programming Box. It’s taken me around six, seven or maybe even eight months to finish. But it is done. I needed the space for the Mega-CD dev unit. So as we retire Sophia to the bookshelf, we embark on a new journey, the Sega Mega-CD.

Also if anyone does come across a pair of SH-2 CPUs, don’t hesitate to let me know! Lots more photos (nearly 300) in the photo gallery.

171-6692B SH7095 SH-2 CPUs

Edit: Someone had some SH-2 CPUs and has since sold them to me! What a wonderful person! Stay tuned!

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